Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Room 4
St Pius X School
Glen Innes

Dear Oselise

I am looking forward to you coming back to school after ther holidays. You are lucky to be at camp. I wish you would come back from camp because we have had a lovely time. We made popcorn and that was lots of fun. We made Lime Jelly and had a disco last Friday, it happened in the hall at night and some families were there. Some school children were and some teenagers were doing the music, the songs and the rapping.
When we made Lime Jelly the colour was green.
I wondered what happened at your camp? Was it fun at your camp too?
At the disco we had chips and drinks. When we had Iron Brion we had a competition and this man named Ollie made the burgers. It was yummy! We all ate our burgers outside the classroom.

Love from your best friend

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  1. What a lovely letter Terancis, I am sure that Oselise would love to receive that at Camp. We have had a great term haven't we. :-) I enjoy reading your posts Terancis, I look forward to you next piece of writing.
    Miss G :0)