Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Wonderful Virtues Assembly

Last Friday Room 4 had a Virtues assembly. I felt nervous when the whole school came. The first play was the Blind Man. Alan was the blind man and Malakai was Jesus. My play was the paralised man. We had to carry Maea because he was the paralised man and he had to take the tires off the roof. The audience was laughing. The honest disciple was very funny because Macky said he had a frank tongue but a wicked heart. We sang a song called "Just a Single Candle.' It's a lovely song. It was my favourite song. My favourite part was the honest disciple because Macky said the frank tongue but a wicked heart and when we carried Maea it was very cool and we told the whole school and our parents about Faith. My mum. said "I'm proud of you."

By Viane

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  1. Great writing Viane. I like the way you have told us what you enjoyed most of all. Well done for using speech marks for what was being said.