Thursday, July 18, 2013

Room 4's Beautiful Assembly

Last week on Friday, Room 4 made an assembly about Faith. First we made some plays and Mrs Pole made us costumes for the play. Before we got there we had to get ready because we might be late for our assembly. We made a circle and I had to sit in the front with Keira because I had to do a prayer and sing 'Just a Single Candle.' The other people in Room 4 had to sit in a circle like a moon. People started coming in the hall and we felt so scared that Room 7 might laugh at us. When we finished the song I heard a clap. I felt so proud that everyone clapped and cheered. Fiapo and Sia were going to tell the classes about a little play of Room 4. So the first play was The Blind Man and the actors were Alan, Malakai and Maea. When they started off they had to say the Blind Man so the audience will know what the play is called. Then it started Sia was talking about when Jesus left Jericho. My friend Alan was the blind man. He had to close his eyes and pretend he was blind. There were three plays and I was in the last play and it was called the Paralised Man. My favourite part was when Maea was being lifted to me because I was Jesus and laughed. It was lots of fun at our beautiful assembly.

By Falakiko

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  1. I am so pleased you have been able to write about your assembly, Falakiko. You sang beautifully, just like all the other Room 4 'Stars'.