Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swimming At St Pius X

At St Pius we have a marque in our courts, and inside it there's a swimming pool that's portable.We have a swimming pool because we will learn new skills. I was so excited I couldn't wait until it came.When the swimming pool came we changed behind a sheet very quickly. Then we came out and we walked to the courts and then into the swimming pool. We had an instructor, her name was Gillan. The water was very cold. We all went to the other side of the pool. We learned how to swim backwards on our backs. It was such fun. I learned how to hold my breath for 20 minutes! It was so cool. Now we can do a somersault and a streamline. We had some free time then we went out of the pool. We walked to class and we got changed.

By Aaliyah

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  1. Holding your breath for 20 minutes must be very hard. Nice writing, though.