Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Showing People About Faith

Last Friday at 12pm Room 4 had a Virtues Assembly. First of all Sia, the announcer, said, "Thank you for coming to Room 4's assembly. Falakiko and Maris-Stella are going to say a prayer."  We had a song. I loved it when Falakiko and I sang a song. It was wonderful. My favourite part was the Honest Disciple because it was funny and honest. The real reason why we did the assembly was to show people about Faith. I, Keira, couldn't handle that many people. When I was on stage my mum said, "It is alright my darling."
 I said, "Thank you mum for telling me. I love you mum and dad for coming to my assembly." So I hugged them and said goodbye.

By Keira

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