Thursday, July 4, 2013

Swimming at Saint Pius X

At the swimming pool interesting things have been going on. There are learning and listening stuff at the swimming that we can do. The instructors have to tell us every swimming thing we have to know. It feels like sleeping on a soft, comfortable, beautiful cloud when I am floating. I can do a streamline just like a professional in the Olympics when they are swimming the fruit of self control. When they are swimming in the swimming pool Kevin gives the boys and girls a test just like Mrs Pole's test. Mrs Pole gives us a spelling test. We learn new things when we are listening. I, Keira, can do a handstand and look under the water at the same time. It was awesome and fun. All of my friends come to the other side of the swimming pool. I was the fastest, it did not matter because it was awesome.

By Keira

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  1. You have written some wonderful words. Keira. I especially like when you said " was like sleeping on a soft,comfortable, beautiful cloud" and "swimming the fruit of self-control". Well done.