Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elephant Report

A elephant lives in the Savannah. A big elephant drinks 150 litres of water but a human drinks 3 litres of water.

An elephant eats berries, bark, branches, peanuts, grass, leaves and many more.

An elephant plays a very important role in their environment like an ostrich eats insects whenever a elephant is walking the insects annoy him.

A dead elephant may feed a lion for a whole week. Some animals die when they're fifteen years of age. An elephant is the most largest animal on the land but a blue whale is the largest animal on earth.

The boss of the elephants are the mum.

The baby elephants have big floppy ears for them to cool them down. The tusks are for the elephants to dig up dirt and sand to find water for them to drink. An elephant's enemy is the crocodile.

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