Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Fun and Sad time in the holidays

In the holidays I stayed at my house because it was a funeral. After that my big sister went to her room and cried. And then she came with a picture of him. And my mum cried and she gives it to my uncle. After that we went out side and we were dancing. After that we were eating some of the food. After we’d eaten we went to the shop and we got some chips, and some lollies. And we came back from the shop and we gave the food out to every body. And they said thank you and I said thank you and then I passed it the next person.


  1. It must have been a sad time for your family. It is great you have been able to write about it on the class blog. Have a look at your sentence starters and try to find some more interesting words to use rather than 'After' or 'And'.

  2. Oh that was a really sad time Vaine but keep it up :) ^-^