Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My family time.

I am learning to write a story about my family.
By: Vili
To-day me and my two brothers went to school. At school, we ate our lunch and my brothers went to go to mass. Well, me and my Mum, Dad and 2 little brothers went looking for a book. It was about a cat and a dog because the dog chased the cat to the farm.


  1. WOW Vili I love your big imagination. Keep it up Vili boy I love reading your amazing work.

    love u

  2. Vili is a great writer. He loves writing about anything he likes and wants to talk about. Keep it up Vili. You will be a great author in the future. Keep practising.

  3. I love coming to school to eat my lunch as well, Vili. I am glad you also like to write at school.

  4. Great story and pictures Vili! I hope the dog did not catch the cat at the farm.

  5. funny writing little brother