Monday, March 12, 2018

My story.

I am learning to write my story and read it to an audience.
By: Everley
"I am going to kiwisport with my Mummy", said Everley.


  1. Maybe next time we can see a video of you reading your story, Everley. Keep up the good learning.

  2. HI Everly! That’s a great sentence darling. That’s very brave if you go speak in front of an audience. Well done.

  3. Hey Everley it's Sani. I like your work because it is very neat and if you go to Kiwisport you will get nice and strong.

  4. Wow Everley,
    I like the drawing you have done. I really like how you said "I am going to kiwisport with my Mummy." I hope you had a great time with her when you guys were doing fitness.
    Nice Job.

  5. Hi Everley,
    I like the way you have done,I hope you had a good time with your mum when you doing fitness.
    Keep up the good work!!!.

  6. Hi baby girl. It's mummy. You are getting so smart and so brave. You are doing so well and I'm so proud of you. And your father too. Keep up the good work baby girl. Your father and I are super proud of you.