Friday, February 23, 2018

What I really enjoyed to-day.

I am learning to write a recount using our brainstorm in class.
By: Vili

Yesterday in the hall, I was doing kiwi-sport. I liked the slide and we just have lots and lots of fun and I just like the clapping. I enjoyed it because we had some fun and we had lots and lots of fun. Me, Jacob and Alfonsus did run and I was next to Jacob and we also stretched.


  1. Well done Vili for getting your writing onto the class blog. Try smiling in your picture though so I know you are really enjoying your learning.

  2. Wohoo well done ma Vili boy, I love your passion to write, keep it up and smile :) love u Mum xo

  3. I love your hand writing keep writing like this okay Vili... mum