Friday, February 23, 2018

Our Friday Developmental Programme

After lunch every Friday, every child has an opportunity to try other things they would love to do in class and talk about it. Here's a few shots from their developmental programme.
Sani and Lucas are building a bridge from St Pius to their homes.

Vili checking out Audrey's picture and asking her questions.

Audrey enjoying her talent to share her picture with her group.

Sesimani and Audrey trialling ways to read using an ipad.

Isitolo is questioning his group of ways he can use his headphone to check out sounds he wants to hear.

Meela is explaining what she is making. She is building a fence for her vegetable garden in Room 1.

These students are so busy trying to design their own reading books using the ipad.

Solomon is designing a learning space for Room 4 by drawing us all.


  1. Awesome work room 4 I love looking at everyone concentrating in what they are doing. Keep at it little champs and Vili I hope you are watching Audrey's colouring and learning from her how to colour properly. Keep working head Vili, keep feeding that bighead of yours my lil star :) mum

    1. keep working hard, sorry... Seini Vili's mum

  2. I love the creative time. This really develops the children's language. Well done Ruma Wha!

  3. Great learning children..nice pictures son Solomon xoxo

  4. What a great way for each child to develop and improve their unique skill set. So much talent here. Great work Room 4!

  5. Well done room 4