Monday, May 19, 2014


On Tuesday morning we went to the gym. On our first day we played stuck in the mud. We went to the hall because we might get hurt outside. We went there was so we could get fit and learn new lessons. Flaminio introduced himself to his. We had to follow Flaminio's actions. We did rolling like a sausage roll on the flat blue thing. It made me go dizzy. I felt like I was at the zoo rolling down this hill. There were teachers like Ms R and Miss Mat and Room 4 children and the man who tells us to do stuff like skipping and pizza hut and rolling like a sausage roll.  Last of all we were exhausted at the end of gym. Finally we had to put our uniform back on. My favourite part was rolling and pizza hut and skipping. I loved gymnastics. It was a lot of fun. Next time I and going to do skipping.

By Makalita

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