Friday, June 17, 2011


After play on Friday we went straight to the hall.Mrs Pole told me to tell Mrs Bell to ring the bell.I saw Room 1 lining up. Then Room 1 came inside and sat down on the hall floor. After that Room 2 came inside the hall.Room 1 was the silly class .After that the whole school came inside.Next we started with some prayers.When they'd finished we stood up and we sang Come Gather and Praise. After that we finIshed the recorder song .Then we put our recorders in a basket. The people who were not the quarrelling children stood up and bowed.The quarrelling childern started planting some flowers and digging some dirt and picking some flowers.After this Seauti said,"Stop this quarrelling! " After that Seauti said, "Come here my children ". Then all the childern came to Seauti. They all sat down in a circle. Seauti said, "Come here my oldest child." First of all Albert stood up and went to Seauti and Albert took 1 stick and broke it and he then took 2 sticks and broke them and finlly he took 3 sticks and broke them . They all finished. Last of all Mr Coakley took the certificates to the people who were standing up at the front of us .Next we clapped all the people who stood up .They all sat down in their place. I felt happy when I sang come Gather and Praise.And when I did the unity sign. My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we made a circle and we said together WE ARE STRONG ! I liked this because I liked the sound of it. I felt happy and excited.

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  1. That is a great description of a fantastic assembly. Well done, Joshua.