Friday, June 17, 2011

My Broken Arm

Before last week on Monday I fell off the monkey bars.I was crying because it hurt so much.I went to the sick bay and I sat down on the bed. After awhile Mrs Bell
took me to my brother's Kindy and my dad was there with my sister.We picked up my dad
and sister to go to the doctor to check my arm.I had an x-ray and after the x-ray they
told me that I fractured two bones inside my arm. After that I had to wrap my arm up, After I got something that held my arm in place - a sling. I walked home with my sister and dad and when I got home I went for nap. I missed my mum so much. After a long time mum came home and I was happy to see mum and I ate again and I felt great. My fun part was when I had my x-ray because my sister and dad were there.

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