Friday, June 17, 2011

A Wonderful Assembly

Last Friday after play we went to the school hall to have Room 4's Assembly and our Virtues Assembly was Unity. We had a practice and at 12 o clock the whole school came to the school hall . Then the whole school sat down . We waited for them to be quiet and then Kalolaine told me to say the prayer.When I'd finished saying my prayer Vaine said her prayer and the prayer was about Jesus my Friend. After the prayer we played on our recorders and we played Leapin' About on our recorders.After that Kalolaine asked Angelica,''What is our virtue?" Angelica said it was Unity. Kalolaine said," That's right our virtue is Unity." After that we did the play The Father and his Eight Quarrelling Children .After that Kalolaine asked Mr Coakley to present the certificates.Next kalolaine asked Mrs Pole could she give the Caught Being Goods. Some people got to pull a Caught Being Good out of the box. Last of all we got in our lines and we said TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! My highlight of our Virtues Assembly was when we sang the song together. It was fun because it looked like we were showing the Virtue called Unity.

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