Friday, June 3, 2011


At Tonga it was a lovely day because it was my baby's birthday. There were 100 presents. Her cake was a pink one. It had a photo in the middle.After that a car came outside. It was my mum. Then I ran outside. I had on my face a happy smile. My mum said the baby's birthday was starting at 7 but it was 5 0'clock so my dad went to buy pies for everyone at home. My mum told my dad to get a 100 pies. I told my mum it was 7 o'clock. After that we started the party. I gave all the presents to my sister, After that we had finished and everyone went to their own home. I felt happy and good. It was such a lovely day. At last it was night time so I went to sleep for church.


  1. Great to see you posting on your class blog. It sounds like a fun party.
    Keep working on your writing :-)

    Miss G :-)

  2. It must have been a very big party, Joshua. 100 pies are alot of pies. I also would love to go to Tonga some day. I love to read your writing on the class blog. Keep posting as often as you can.