Thursday, June 23, 2011


The Kindy Kids Special Time Visiting Room 4

On Tuesday, 22 June, after morning tea Alecia and I looked out the door and saw the Kindy Kids. When the Kindy Kids came out of the hall we were super excited. Kindy Kids were visiting us to choose a Kids At Home Book, part of the Duffy Programme. When they arrived in Room 4 Mrs Pole took the Kindy Kids around the circle to a partner. After that Mrs Pole read a book to the Kindy Kids. Later on the Kindy Kids chose a book to have. When they’d finished choosing a book we read a special book to them. We read in small groups. After our special teacher Mrs Pole came and took a picture of Annalise and I reading a book to Angelyn, that was Annalise’s little sister. Meanwhile Mrs Pole called us to the mat so we could give out the yellow and green book bags and the activity books that had the cover of Duffy. Soon Mrs Pole told us to sing our song that we performed at our assembly. Rosrine was singing in the front and I was at the back singing. When we started singing the song I was so nervous, that’s like Alecia. When we were singing I was about to cry. Lucky last Sammy, a little kindy boy, said, “ Thank you for having us and we will come back.” Room 4 felt very happy for the Kindy Kids getting their new special book bag and Duffy activity book. We hope they come back and visit us.

By Rosrine and Alecia


  1. What a great opportunity for you to show off what it is like being at school to the Kindy Kids. It sounds like you had a great time and so did they. Great use of speech marks at the end. Well done.

  2. Hi bets. kindy kids wow!! i must of seen Diego on this day aswell?? Keep up the good work Bets.