Friday, November 22, 2013

A Dragon Who Wants A Friend

Once there lived a nice dragon who wished he had a friend. While he was walking he saw a fat green frog who was trying to catch a fat fly. He walked to the frog “Hi my name is..”
“Help! Help! There’s a fierce dragon who is trying to eat me!” Cried the frog.
“Please don’t leave I just want to have a friend.”
But it was too late. The frog had left him. The dragon was so sad. Next he went to a river. Nearby the river was a big bad bear who was fishing for his lunch. The dragon combed his spiky hair and walked slowly to the bear. He said in a big voice “Hi, my name is..”
“Help me! Help! There’s a big green dragon trying to eat me for his lunch.” The bear ran away screaming “Help! Help!” The dragon cried and cried and cried. The dragon said in a sad voice “No one wants to be my friend but I am not going to give up.”
It was getting dark and cold. The dragon decided to go back home to have a rest.
Then in the morning he will go back and look for a new friend. When the dragon woke up he was still tired. He thought it was the morning but he was wrong. It was still night. The dragon dreamt about something crazy. That’s why he woke up so early in the morning. He heard a tiny voice. He looked down. There he saw a tiny mouse hiding from a huge eagle which was flying on top of the cave.
“Hey can you please scare away the huge eagle? He wants to eat me.” Said the mouse. The dragon thought for a while. Then he thought that this little mouse could be his friend. The dragon quickly blew out flames from his mouth. “Thank you so much! Um what’s your name?”
“My name is Max. I am really shy and I don’t have a friend yet. Maybe you would like to be my friend?”
“I’ll be happy to be your friend.”
So on that very day Max never felt alone again. 

By Aaliyah


  1. Hi Aaliyah

    I love your story about a dragon. The story made me laugh. Keep up the amazing and wonderful work. God bless you.

  2. Hi Aaliyah I like your story about the dragon that stroy made me laugh but keep up a good work in your class room.