Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our First Day of Milk

Today, 8th November, Rom 4 had our first Fonterra milk for school. The monitors gave the milk to the people who were reading quietly. The milk tastes like normal milk.
When I finished my milk and the bottle was dry I took the straw out and I flattened it. Then I folded the long side. When the long side was folded I tucked the folded part into the bottom of the carton.
I felt excited when I started to drink the milk because it was yum.
After when you have finished you put the folded carton into the recycling bin.

By Olidah

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  1. Hi Olidah, Nice to see you drinking your milk. The milk did taste yum. I hope you enjoy your healthy milks. Maybe next time tell us about your feelings drinking the milk. From your Soul friend Tokilupe.