Monday, November 18, 2013

Our First Day of Milk

Today, 8th November, Room 4 had their first day of milk. First of all the monitors Aaliyah and Vanessa went to get the milk from the music room. It was inside a box. Aaliyah and Vanessa gave the milk to the people in Room 4 who were reading quietly. When we go the milk I took the straw off and put it in the hole on the milk. After I had finished I went to Ms Mat to fold the milk. After we had folded it Mrs Pole told us to come and sit on the front mat to watch a video about milk. By Fiapo

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  1. Hi Fiapo

    I really like how you talk about when you had your first day of getting your milk.I like how you thought about were to put you full stops.That is were awesome.
    Good work.