Friday, October 18, 2013

Our New Kiwi Sport

On Monday afternoon Room 4 went to the hall to have our new kiwi sport called squash. Our instructor, Phil, was waiting at the door for us. Phil had a helper called Michael. He can do tricks. He helped Phil show us some skills. Phil said, "Michael, you have 8 children on the court with you and I will have 8 children."
Phil had a game with his team. Michael and Phil played the game to show Room 4. I was too shy to do it. But then I felt better. It was my turn to have a try. I missed the ball but then I had another try. This time I hit the ball and Michael said "Good shot." I had to go to the back of the line.
At the end I felt exhausted and tired.

By Maris-Stella


  1. Nice language, Maris-Stella.
    You have used some excellent words like 'exhausted and instructor'.

  2. Good work Stella I liked how you did you kiwi sport keep
    it up