Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Squash Lessson

 On a sunny afternoon we went to squash. Mrs Pole said "Let's go to the hall." So off we went. When we got there Phil was at the door. He said, "Come in and I will show you how to play. You will need a racquet and a rubber ball."
He said, "Sit in a circle."
We took turns. It was hard for me but the court looked so big! He taught us some games. The thing he taught us was hard but we had fun. It was cool. My whole class had a turn with Mike and Phill said it was time to go back to class. So we went with Mrs Pole.
I felt so exhausted because we played a lot of squash.

By Vanessa

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  1. Hi Vanessa
    I like your story hope you enjoy playing squash also keep up the good work.