Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our First Squash Lesson

Monday afternoon Room4 went to the hall to learn a new kiwi sport. When we were inside the instructors introduced themselves.  Their names were PHIL and MICHAEL. Room 4 were there and MRS POLE. Room 4 sat down on the ground. PHIL told  us were going to play squash. They said that they were going to show us what squash looked like. After that we had a turn playing squash. Sometimes we missed the ball .PHIL told us to sit in a circle.  PHIL told us to roll the ball on the other persons
 racquet.Some people kept making the ball fall off. They kept balancing it too. It was fun. Last of all  PHIL told to  line up at the back of our teacher. We had a drink because we were exhausted and tired. I like squash because its fun.


  1. It sounds like you really enjoyed the squash, Fiapo. You don't need to write the person's name all in capital letters. Just the first letter.

  2. Hi Fiapo this is Stephanie your Soul Friend.
    Fiapo I like you story about that Sport Squash that was cool.But the same with Mr C you don't need to use the capital letter in the names just only one the first letter:)