Monday, October 21, 2013

Room 4's New Kiwi Sport

Yesterday, on Monday, I looked on the big board and it said 'squash,' which was after lunch time. I found out that it was our new kiwi sport. First of all Room 4 went to line up and also our tall instructor Phil meet us at the front door. Phil said to us, "Have you heard of squash?"
We shouted at him "No!"
He said, "Oh, let's play now."
Then we went inside the hall and sat down in our lines. The instructors were showing us how to play squash. I was just watching Phil and Michael.
After Tuesday Sateki came to our school. When it was Tuesday Michael and Phil had to show Sateki how to play squash, then we carried on playing. I was puffed after squash. I felt very tired.

By Sia


  1. Hi Sia
    Its cool how you described your new kiwi sports.It must be a fun time because you sound like you were enjoying your work.

  2. Hi sia
    Great first start i see.You are improving in your work
    GREAT JOB!!!