Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Kiwi Sport

On Monday Mrs Pole told us that we are going to do a new kiwi sport called squash. It sounded like fun but still it sounded like people were getting squashed by each other!
After lunch we lined up in the hall. When we got there in front of us was a tall man. He told us to take a seat. Then he introduced himself. His name was Phil and the other guy was Michael. First of all Phil showed us how to play squash. After that Phil told us to sit in a circle. Phil showed us how to hold the racquet.
Next Phil asked us if any of us wanted a turn on the court. Maea raised his hand. When Maea had finished his turn, I raised my hand. I felt nervous. Phil said "Good job!" I was proud.

By Aaliyah

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