Monday, March 11, 2019

Welcome to Room 4's 2019's blogging at St Pius X Catholic School

Hello.  This is room 4.  We learn at St Pius X Catholic School in Glen Innes, Auckland, New Zealand.  We write and sound the words out if they are tricky and learn to spell them.  We also do maths and reading. We take our reading book home.  There are 21 room 4 students and our teacher is called Mrs Pulotu, who is from Tonga. 

We are excited and curious about our learning this year...please leave us a comment.


  1. It is great to meet you, Ruma Wha. I look forward to reading about all your learning during 2019.

  2. What a smart bunch of children you are. I am so pleased you are sharing your learning with us all. Do your parents enjoy it when you read your book to them at home? Maybe you could read your book onto the camera one day and share it here on your blog.

    Mrs Burt