Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Falakiko

One hot summer morning there lived a quick runner called Hare and a slow green Tortoise who was kind and never showed off. One day quick Hare made fun of Tortoise. Then Tortoise got very red and mad and challenged Hare to a 2 kilometer race. Hare laughed and said "You can't catch up to me! You think you can beat me? We'll see about that!" Said Hare "Let's see who wins."
After their horrible arguing they ran, except Tortoise he just plodded while Hare ran. He said to Tortoise "Hurry up you little green Tortoise." When Tortoise got to the starting line they said together "Take your mark, get set, go!" Quickly Hare ran in a blaze and left Tortoise behind plodding along the dirty, dusty road with his green little legs. Hare was far away from Tortoise so he thought that he could have a sleep, so he ate a carrot from a bush, felt drowsy and sleepy. Then there was silence and Hare fell in a deep sleep. Later Tortoise saw Hare snoring, he moved his head but Hare still slept on and Tortoise went past Hare and won the race.

By Falakiko

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  1. You have used some great adjectives to help describe some of the characters in the story. Well done, Falakiko.