Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Maori Legend Retold by Aaliyah

Long, long ago in a very dark forest lived a mother named Rona and her two sons. That night in their  whare Rona's two sons couldn't sleep because they were thirsty. So they called Rona. "Rona, get us water." So Rana went to get some water for her children. But she could not see the rocky path. Marama shone the way to the spring where Rona get fresh water from but as Rona was walking Marama hid behind a cloud and Rona tripped on a root of a tree. Rona was mad and yelled "Look what you've done you silly moon!"
"Don't talk to me like that!" Yelled Marama."
"I can say what I want to say you silly old moon."
Marama was so mad that he grabbed Rona off the ground but Rona held onto the ngaio tree but not for long! Marama pulled so hard that the ngaio tree came out from the ground. Rona begged for Marama to let her go but Marama didn't. While the children were waiting they came out to look for their mother. They looked  and looked until they looked at the moon. The children were sad and they didn't have a mother to look after them.

By Aaliyah

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  1. Nice writing, Aaliyah. Good use of speech marks.