Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Viane

Many years ago in a lovely meadow lived a show off Hare and a very slow Tortoise. Hare was a very mean rabbit and Tortoise was a very kind Tortoise. One day Hare made fun of him. He said "You are a very slow Tortoise."
Then Tortoise was very mad and red. Following this Tortoise said "Do you want a race?" Hare just laughed. He said "All right then, tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to come with my own crown." On the race day the people didn't think that Tortoise would win. They went to the start and Owl said, "Go!" And Hare ran as fast as his legs could move him. Tortoise just plodded on like a slow motion robot. Hare ran so very fast that when he looked back he couldn't see Tortoise. Hare said to himself "I am going for a nap. Hare went and sat down near a lovely tree. All of a sudden Hare fell asleep for a very long time until the sun went down. Tortoise plodded quietly on then he went past Hare. Tortoise crossed the finish line. Hare thought he had won but he saw Tortoise at the finish line waiting for him.
Hare said, "I'm sorry and I won't
do it again." Hare learnt his lesson.
Tortoise said "It's okay. It was just a race. They lived happily ever after.

The message is don't give up.

By Viane

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  1. What a great retelling of the story in your own words, Viane. Well done. I love the words about 'plodding like a slow motion robot'