Friday, September 13, 2013

The rude Rona and the Powerful Moon retold by Maris-Stella

One very dark night there lived a woman and her children. One of the children said that they were thirsty. Rona went to get some water for her children. Marama hid behind a cloud and Rona tripped and fell. Rona shouted at the moon and said "look what you have done!"
And the moon said "don't talk like that to me."
Rona said "I'll say what I like you silly old moon." 
The moon pulled Rona up to the sky and never came back down to Earth.
Rona said to her kids "I am up here with Marama." She said that the children had to look after themselves and find food for themselves. They were very, very sad. They always prayed for their mother and said sorry. She was up there with the Ngaio tree. The moon always treated Rona bad and horribly. Rona said to her kids "I will be okay and fine." The kids waited and waited for their mother to come back with the Taha full of water. But she didn't come back. The children went out of the whare and out to the cold forest and looked for their mother but they could not find her. Rona said "Look up to the moon and you will see me with Marama." So they children looked up and saw her.

Rona was never seen on Earth she was seen on the moon. 

Message: Be careful who you are talking to.

By Maris-Stella

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