Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cheeky Rona and the Powerful Moon Retold by Fiapo

Many years ago in the dark forest near a cold whare lived Rona and her children. Rona's children were thirsty. Rona went to fetch some cold water. Rona tripped on the bumpy ground. So Roma was rude to the bright moon because Marama was at the back of the dark cloud. She yelled at the moon "see what you've done?" The moon said "Don't talk to me like that!" The moon grabbed her as she was holding the rgaio tree but Marama was too strong. She pulled Rona up to the sky. The children were calling her. She said look up at the sky but they couldn't see her. Rona said look up at the moon. They looked up at the moon and saw her. The children had to look after themselves.

The message is be careful how you talk to others.

By Fiapo

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  1. You have made a great effort retelling the story in your own words, Fiapo.