Friday, September 27, 2013

Escape From Danger - A Narrative

One sunny day Josh and Jake decided to go to the windy park to ride their bikes. So they rode up and down the hills. Suddenly Jake heard a noise and looked at Josh.
 Josh said, "Oh no! A big black dog!" The fierce dog showed his very sharp teeth. The boys pedaled faster but the dog got closer. The dog barked loudly. Suddenly Josh fell off his bike. Jake was scared because he didn't know what to do. The dog barked ferociously at Josh. Jake said, "What are we going to do?" Jake saw a tree so he quickly helped Josh get up. Then they ran to a big tree. Josh said, "Let's climb this safe tree." So they climbed up to the first branch but the dog kept yapping and jumping up an down.
The dog jumped so high that Josh said, "Let's climb up another branch." Suddenly a big strong man appeared. He said, "Come here Sam." to the fierce dog. Then the man explained to them and said sorry. The man said, "This is my dog. He came off his leash and ran away. The dog is not scary he just wants to play. That's all." Said the man. Then the boys came down from the tree.

 They felt relieved after that they rode their new bikes home. After they arrieved home they told their mum what had happened. Their mums said, "We are so relieved that you are safe!" Their mums gave the boys a big hug.
Josh said, "What an adventure that was!"
Jake said, "I am so happy that the dog didn't bite us!"

By Katelyn


  1. Katelyn!
    Well done! It is a great story and sounds like the boys were relieved to get back home to their mums. You have used great punctuation!

  2. Hello Katelyn that was a great piece of narrative writing you have done. Lucky the dog didn't bite Jake and Josh. Keep up the good work Katelyn. :-)