Monday, September 30, 2013

Running Away from a Dog - A Narrative

One sunny day Jimmy and Jessica were riding their speedy bikes at the near by park. They were riding up and down the steep path having a great race. As they went by the courner Jimmy heard a loud bark. "Whats that?" Yelled Jessica.
"Oh there is a big black dog coming after us." Shouted Jimmy.
"I think that is his owner." Shouted Jessica
"That's not his owner." Yelled Jimmy.
Jessica said, "That's the owner."
"He is a big strong man." Called Jimmy.
The man came to take his dog Max back home. "I'm sorry. I left my gate open." Said Jack the owner. "I will take you two back home."
The children were so glad they were not attacked. They will go to the park again.

By Samuel

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  1. nice one Samuel nice but the dog is chase the man cool and I like your work.