Friday, September 13, 2013

The Moon and the Rude Rona retold by Mei

Once upon a time there lived a mum who lived with her children in the forest. The children were thirsty. So the mum went to go and get some water for the children. The moon hid behind some clouds. Then Rona called the moon a stupid Marama. Then Marama growled at Rona. Then Marama took Rona while she held onto the ngaio tree. Then children were looking for their mum. The children were so sad. Their mum was so sad too because she didn't get to be with her children.

The message is be careful how you talk to others.

By Mei

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  1. Wow Mei what a Awesome retell about The Marama the Moon and the Rude Rona. I remember when I was in Room 4 and I retold the same Story as well. It was fun. We even made a Book!!! Well just remember for next time that you should try to use different sentence starters. But you always have Fantastic Writing anyway.
    Keep up the Great Writing and Retelling.
    From your Soul Friend Alecia. :-)