Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise Retold by Aaliyah

One hot summer morning was a Hare who always thought he was the most fast, clever and handsome animal in the meadow. He told the rabbit that his ears were the tallest. Hare always made fun of Tortoise because he was so slow. Tortoise had had enough of Hare making fun of him, so he said, "Hare, I have had enough of you. I want to have a race with you."
Hare said, "Ha! You are the slowest animal in the land."
"We'll see about that!" Said Tortoise.
So everyone gathered where Hare and Tortoise were having the race. Everyone cheered for Tortoise even if Tortoise lost because Tortoise was a very good friend to everyone. He was a patient, kind, faithful, joyful little Tortoise. So the fox said "Get on your marks, get set, go!" Hare was running and running and Tortoise was plodding and plodding. Hare came to a stop. He was very tired. Hare thought Tortoise was so slow that he could not even catch up, so Hare went to bed. Hare was fast asleep. Tortoise was plodding past Hare. Tortoise saw that Hare was asleep so he kept trying to get to the finish line. Hare ran as fast as he could, but it was too late, Tortoise had already crossed the finish line. Hare came to Tortoise and said "'I'
m sorry." So Hare and Tortoise became friends.

By Aaliyah

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  1. Nice retelling of the story, Aaliyah. The pictures quite good as well.