Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Our Sports Day

Last Friday I was very excited because we were having our sports day.
First of all we got changed in our sports clothes. When we got on the mat Mrs Pole gave us our house and age. I said my name is Patrick and I am 6 years old .
When the bell rang for morning tea I practised running with Kirsten in the lane.
We were waiting and waiting for the bell to ring. FINALLY the bell rang LOUDLY for sure. I looked after the people from Room 1 and 2. Meanwhile we got there we sat on the nice blue mats.
Later Mrs Williams said please bring the 5 years olds up. When it was the 5 years old girls we CHEERED for Annalisa. She come 4th. Finally the 5 years old boys race was on. When Mr Gaffney SLAMMED the blocks they all ran. We were going for JOSEPH from the GECKOS.
After this Mrs Pole said may you bring all the 6 years olds. I was one of them. When Mr Gaffney SLAMMED the blocks I was racing fast and I couldn’t believe I came 1st. Fanoalie came 2nd. I got a red stick for 1st place.
Next it was the 7 years old girls We were going for Aniola but she came last and Annalise came 1st and Rosrine came 2nd. We saw the 8 years olds race. Kirsten,
Foloahola and Toklupa came 3rd.When ISIA was racing we all CHEERED for the 9 years olds BUT he came 3rd.
While the 11 year olds were running we went for SEVANIA AND JOSHEH from Room 7 . Sevania came 3rd, Josheph came 2nd.
Next it was the 12 year olds race. Kalanie came 1st, Ondrie came 2nd and Joseph came 3rd .When it was the 800 meters race Kalanie came 1st again. Finally the 400 meters race Luckily Ondrie came 1st .
When Mrs Pole said may you bring Room 4 students for the heats . It was the egg and the spoon race. The Keas came 1st, Geckoes came 2nd .
When Mrs Williams showed the score board GECKOES came 1st and KEAS came last.
I was hot, sad and joyful .
By Patrick


  1. Wow Patrick, sounds like you had an awesome sports day. Good to read your writing skills and your recollection of the days events. It sounds like a good day was had by all with your fellow students and teachers. Keep up the good writing.

  2. !WOW! Patrick that was an awesome writing I really enjoyed it. But next time u want to read your spelling again . But anyways it was AWESOME keep up the great work. =)

  3. Hi Patrick, my comment about your sports day recount is WOW! I liked the way you expressed your feelings for example... Joyful, Hot and Sad. Also I have a question for you, Where did you get the word excited from? Because when I was your age I would always use the word happy

  4. What an awesome recount Patrick I really like your use of vocabulary.

  5. sup Patrick nice writing there that was a really long writing for a yr 3 h ope u would look at spelling again bye <3

  6. wow!
    Patrick that was a well sequenced piece of writing, for a year 3. You should be really proud of yourself.
    I hope I see more in the near future.

  7. thank you Patrick you did well.Nice you did beter than me