Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fun Day at Netball

On Tuesday Room 4 was lining up. So Room 4 went to the court. So Julie and Emma went to the court. They said hello to Room 4. Emma and Julie came to Room 4. They picked three people to get the bib's. There were yellow bibs and blue bibs. I was in the yellow team. I was catching the ball and I caught it. Room 4 was in front of me so I threw the ball. Julie said I had it then she said, 'get me some space.' I went to Emma to play a game with the ball. Emma said she wanted 4 people. I threw it to Room 4 and they passed it back. After we finished Room 4 lined up to go home. When I was going home I sat in the front off the car and my cousin Sam was at the back. Once we got home I was very tired and went straight to bed.

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed your netball so much. It is great you were able to get your writing on the class blog.