Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning to Play Netball

On a hot day we went to the court to play netball. Emma and Julie came to the court. I was happy when Emma and Julie helped us to learn about netball. First of all we played a game called netball. Next when Room 4 played game I got the ball. I quickly gave it to Victoria and JT got the ball. When JT got the ball he passed the ball to Rosrine who got a score. Next it was yellows turn to play netball. Then Room 2 came to play netball. Next all the people came to Emma and Julie and gave the yellow and blue bibs to Emma and Julie. I was hot and joyful.


  1. How fantastic that you are getting to learn how to play netball this year. You are going to be so good by the time you get to Yr 7 and 8 to play in the weekly tournament :-)

  2. Intresting! You have been working well, you have excellent words.
    Do you play netball all the time? Our school plays netball too :)

    room13 ptengland