Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Special Netball

After lunch time Room 4 lined up at our line and got our drink bottles. Room 4 and I went to the tennis courts because we were going to do NETBALL with Julie and Emma, they were our instructors.

Meanwhile we all went into 3'ws and played a game. Later on we went and sat in the shade. Julie put us into two groups, one was going to play REAL NETBALL and another was going to play games with Emma.

After that my group was going to play relays. I had lots of fun. Later on some people swapped, I did. When we were playing I tried to catch the ball, so I could throw it to Annalise, but I couldn't because I kept dropping the ball.

Later on it was home time. I felt very tired, sweaty and happy because we played real netball ...and I was sad because it was our last session.


  1. I like your story Alecia i hope you had a good time

  2. Man Bets. I didn't no you can play netball aswell. I Can't wait to come watch one of games.