Friday, May 20, 2011


Kiwi Kick

On a muddy soggy afternoon we went to the muddy field to play Aussie Rules. We met a boy and girl called Anita and John, they were our coaches. After that John spoke to us for a little while so we could play a game called Shapes. It was a fun game. Then Anita was holding a ball ready to kick the ball to John. I was so amazed the John caught the ball perfectly.
Later on we had to choose a partner to kick the ball to. So I picked Annalise so we ran to the field ready to kick. Next we went back to the concrete to listen to our coaches again.
This is what they told us, “You have to put mud on your shoes so you can splash the mud in your partner’s faces”.
Next we played another game called Bomb The Teachers but the coaches asked if Mrs Pole and Mrs Logan if they could come and play with us but they said, “ No thank you.”
So we had to bomb our coaches. I was a lion and my partner behind me was a tiger so we started. We were ready to throw the ball at our coaches so Anita was out. Albert was in the middle so we hit Albert. After that Anita said lions won so we went back to our classrooms. My favourite highlight was when lions won in Bomb the Teachers because Anita called it out but we didn’t know.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience playing Aussie Rules with us Rosrine.

    It is great that you getting the opportunity to try some new games.

    Keep up the posting.

    Miss G :-)