Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Funniest Day at Kiwi Kick

As the bell rang I rushed over to the line. I knew it was KIWI KICK. When we got onto the field there were two people there, our coaches. When we’d sat down they introduced them selves. First of all Room 3 came. Then we played a warm up game. When we got on the field it was muddy. John told us how to play the game. It was called Shapes. It was lots of fun. When we’d finished we were going to learn how to kick.
After Anita explained how to kick a ball. We got a partner. My team mate was Kanesini. I learned how to kick by myself, it was fun.
When we’d finished we played another game, it was called “ Bomb the Teachers” but the teachers didn’t want to play! So I called it” Bomb the Coaches,” because the coaches were playing instead of the teachers.
Later on I tried to throw the ball to Anita so my team could get a point. Later the team that won were Lions and I was in Lions.
I was very happy indeed because my team when we played Bomb the Coaches won.


  1. Great recount Alecia, it sounds like you had a great session with the coaches.
    'Bomb the Coaches' sounds like a pretty cool game and well done for winning.

    You have made some great vocabulary choices in your recount I especially like you last sentence.

    Keep up the great writing.

    Miss G :-)

  2. What a great story bets. I think you going to make as very good sports person too. Fantastic.