Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fun Time in the Holidays

I woke up thinking it was the morning, getting out of my bed and going to the sitting room then… the next thing I was so excited because I WAS GOING TO THE SWIMMING POOLS.
I was so excited I just had to pack my bag. When my sister woke up I just had to tell her the GREAT News. When she finished packing her bag we headed off.
Soon as we got there. I ran inside. Later when we’d got inside Sonya, Dad and I got changed. When we were finished we went for a little swim

Then my Dad went to a lady to ask her if Sonya and I could be in the swim school, she said, “Yes.”
Later on Sonya and I went to a class. First we were floating in the water. Second we made waves with the flat boards. Third we had a competition to see who the fastest swimmer was. I had some luck, and I tried my best but I came second.

Soon as possible when we’d finished we went to the little swimming pools. After this we went to the big swimming pool.

It wasn’t deep. I tried to float all the way back to the end by myself. Next I tried to swim by myself. Later on it was home time. I felt cold, proud, happy and excited because I floated by myself and I love going to the swimming pools and also because I went to my first swim school, it was the GREATEST day in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.


  1. I love swimming also, Alecia. You will be very excited when our school pool arrives in Term 3 and you will be able to show us all how well you can swim. It is great the way you used different words like next, soon, later and when to tell the order things happen.

  2. Another good recount Alecia. Swimming is great exercise. I'm looking forward to seeing your skills in the pool in Term 3 when the school gets the swimming pool.

  3. Dad here. I also remember this dsy and what we did at the swimming pools. Cool day.