Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Friendly Letter

St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glen Innes

Monday 5 September

I hope you come back to Room 4 soon.
At school Room 4 loves swimming. We hope you come soon so you can swim with us.
Hi again Richie. Last, last week we had a talent quest. I was playing the ukulele. After that we had fish and chip it was YUM… and tasty .
Last Sunday me and Alecia had our first Holy Communion .We had medals. My medal was shiny. After that we had some pizza and lollies and cake and… cookies. After that I went to BOTANY to buy some shiny Nike’s! The colours were red, green, blue and orange.
Anyway I hope you come back to Room 4 soon Richie.

From Seuati.

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