Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Letter to a Friend

Room 4
St Pius X School
103 Castledine Crescent
Glenn Innes

Monday 5 September

Dear Richie

We miss you, we all hope you get better soon and come back to Room 4.

We’ve been doing a lot about the new swimming pool I know how to do lots of things in the warm water like a starfish, floating and Turtle. I know how to, roll around in the water. I wish you were here in the new swimming pools.

Last Friday we had a treat, the treat was ice block and Moro bars, it was yummy, VERY yummy.

My personal news is that I had my first Holy Communion we all got a medal and we had a delicious treat.

Last Saturday I went to the Warriors game. I had snack burgers at KFC it was fantastic. The number on the score board was 18-6 the Warriors won it, it was at Mt Smart Stadium.

Anyway I hope you get better very soon and I hope you will write back to your class Room 4.

Love from Alecia

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely letter Alecia, I am sure Ritchie feels as though he is missing nothing as you have shared all the fun information. It is Wonderful to see you breaking your writing up into paragraphs, this makes it easier for your audience to read.

    Keep up the great writing.

    Miss G :-)