Monday, January 10, 2011

At The Zoo

In the morning we arrived at the Zoo.

Heaps of people were excited and were amazed to go there, but I've been there once and that was it.

Next I walked around the Zoo with my group, I had to go with girls.

The parent that was with me was Sianna-Reigh's mother.

I was alright with the girls.

Anyways when I went with the girls we saw a Lizard, it was YELLOW and COOL.

Then me and Ramonedel saw a dragon in the forest, it was RED.

I started to feel cold that's why I put my school jumper on.

It was then morning tea, I was really thirsty so I got my drink and I said, "Finally it's morning tea".

My group and I then saw the Cheethas and everyone of course wanted to see them run.

We saw the rest of the animals and left.

We went back to school.

My favourite part was when we saw the spider monkeys and I felt HAPPY.


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