Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fun Time In The Holidays

On an exciting Sunday evening I was ready to watch the ALL BLACKS versus FRANCE in the big final of the Rugby World Cup 2011

Finally the important game started. 7 minutes later Tony Woodcock scored a TRY but suddenly Piri Weepu missed the goal so the score was 5 points to 0 .

Later the captain of the French, Thierry Dusautiour, scored a magnificent TRY so... the score was 5 points to 5 . Iwas getting nervous because they got the goal. So again the score was 7 points to 5 to FRANCE.

Later on Aaron Cruden got injured so Stehpen Donald came on.Then Stephen Donald got a penalty so... the score was 8-7 to ALL BLACKS.

Later in the 70 th minute I thought the French were going to win... but the ALL BLACKS won THE WEBB ELLIS CUP!

My highlight of the ALL BLACKS game was when Tony Woodcock scored a TRY.
The whole country was overjoyed when the ALL BLACKS won.


  1. Fantastic recount of the game Patrick. I must admit I was very nervous during the game....I thought we were going to loose. I watched it down at the viaduct and there were thousands of people around and everyone was really quiet until the final second when every cheered and hugged eachother :-)

    Keep up the great writing

    Miss G :-)

  2. I also was nervous during the game, Patrick. I am glad you were able to get your writing published on the blog. Well done.