Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Going to Ararimu school

On a  drizzly, cloudy morning Room 4 lined up under an ENORMOUS tree  outside  Ararimu School. We followed  Mrs Good to a school called Ararimu  School . Room 4 went inside   Mrs Good said two boys here and two girls there. First we did  hand writing. I wrote with my left hand and Mrs Good said write with your right hand NOW!  I said I write with my left hand and she said I do not care !  Then I was  scared.  I tried my best. When  I 'd almost finished she said, you can write with your left hand now . After handwriting we did the map. After the map it was a spelling bee. Boys won because they had the most points. We had Arithmetic. Room 4 used the abacus. My favourite part was trying my best.

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