In the holidays I went to the beach with my family and it was fun because my Mum and I were splashing in the water. When I went under the water it felt nice and warm. After that we had Burger King before we went home. When I ate my Burger King I felt it was yummy and delicious. It was amazing. We went to pick my friend. When I went home I went to bed. I felt so tired.


  1. Hi Henrietta, What a lovely welcome back to 2012 to see your holiday story appear on the blog. I went to the beach too and the sea was lovely and warm even though the day wasn't that sunny.

    Have fun in Room 4

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Henrietta, what a lovely story to welcome you. But

    you can try a little bit harder with your writing.

    keep on trying hard and harder

  3. What a gerat story henrietta

    I liked how you used diffident type's of word's for your story that you wrote, and I also liked how you used fullstops and capital lettes and a nice finish of with your cool story
    keep up your hard work.:)


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