Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Room 4 Has A Visitor

On Thursday afternoon Mrs Phillips came into Room 4 and she read us, Room 4, a book. Mrs Val showed us the stethoclip and she showed the puppet and his name was Oliver. She gave us a book about Patrick.


  1. Wow Alex that must be a fun day.
    Was the book very interesting to your class
    You must need some good interesting words and some
    excited words

  2. hi what a good story and using speeches in your story.

    and keep on doing the speeches when you write a story.

    keep on do that good work

  3. What a good report Alex!

    I enjoyed visiting your class and hope you all learned something new about hearing aids. You all listened very well and asked good questions.

    Have you read the Patrick book yet?

    Mrs Phillips

  4. wow Alex I like your story it good keep it up